Bagrationi Dynasty

The Royal House of Georgia Bagration Gruzinsky Dynasty

Coat of Arms

Artist Emir Burjanadze
Artist Emir Burjanadze

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The arms of the Gruzinski line were officially recognized by the Imperial Russian Empire in the 19th century as belonging exclusively to the line of kings.


In the "Georgievsk Treaty" between the Tsar of Russia and Tsar Irakly II (Erekle II) the ". . . title of Princes of Georgia (Prince Grouzinsky) and Serene Highness, [were granted] for all the male line descendants of King George XII (26 Jul 1865). These titles [were confirmed] by the Senate 15 Mar 1867, 17 Dec 1873, 11 Feb 1874, 9 Apr 1879 and 31 Jan 1885."   (

The senior line, the line of the Kings - Bagration - Gruzinski Royal House


The line of all the original kings, comes down from all of the three royal houses of Georgia (Imereti, Kartli and Kakheti) through the generations to His Royal Highness Prince Nugzar Bagration - Gruzinsky who has the highest monarchical entitlement on earth to all of Georgia from every royal line.