HRH Prince Nugzar-Head of Name and Arms of the Royal House of Georgia


HRH Prince Nugzar is the rightful lineal successor of the last Kings of United Georgia, the rightful successor of the last Kings of the kingdoms of Kartli-Kakheti Kingdom, and by the genealogical and dynastic point of view, the rightful head of the Imereti line as well.

HRH Princess Nino Bagration-Imeretinski (1915-2008), the former head of Imereti Royal House and the chief of "the House of Bagrationi`s" in 2006 signed an important memorandum where she on behalf of Imereti royal branch recognized the rightful claim and sovereignty of the Bagrationi-Gruzinski family for the whole dynasty of Bagrationi. Prince Nugzar is descended from this line as well through Queen Khoreshan.  

Gruzinsky - from russian literally "of Georgia"  - Dynastic Princely title